Colorificio Zetagì was founded in 1957. Constant features in its history include three main factors: strong inclination towards innovation, reliability of the solutions proposed, great production flexibility coupled with a fast delivery service; factors that led the brand to reach prestigious and challenging objectives.

The secret of such results is to be found in the ability to select human resources, the understanding of team building, the great competence on specific expertise and production field. This is also due to the constant integration of qualified professionals in the research laboratories, positively affecting the innovation of protective treatments offered to customers. Zetagì has grown over the years, with an expansion that has allowed the acquisition of other brands.

In 2011, the company further strengthened its position within the Protective Coatings sector by completing an operation that led the historic Veneziani brand which, it should be remembered, is the oldest brand in the field of anti-corrosive and naval paints (founded in 1863), within the Zetagì team. At this time Zetagi is the only Italian company in the field of Protective Coating (Anticorrosion), competing daily with multinational companies in the industry.

This operation, is the clear basis for further consolidation of leadership in the domestic market and greater affirmation in foreign markets. Colorificio Zetagì srl has obtained from SQS, the Swiss Association for Quality Systems Management the UNI EN 29002 compliance standards in 1995 and the SQS ISO 9001: 2000 certification.